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The Infinite World of PR

I love public relations for the infinite number of options it presents. With everything from entertainment and sports to financial and corporate to non-profit and government, there is bound to be something that catches everyone’s eye. My interests lie in the world of government and political public relations.

Call me crazy, but I am passionate about politics and policy. My ideal job will land me in the political landscape of Washington, D.C.

Eric Mower + Associates has helped me to discover this passion in the world of PR. Interning for a week at the office in Albany, NY over winter break gave me an exciting glimpse into the world of public affairs – just in New York state.

It’s exciting. It’s interesting. You’ll never be doing the exact same thing. And as far as politicians go, you’ll always be on the edge of your seat.

With this passion discovered and goal in mind, I’m very open to different areas of public relations as well. In my time at EMA and participating in Hill Communications on campus, I have found that I really enjoy the agency public relations setting. It provides the opportunity to work on so many different accounts and different areas of PR.

I’m open to experimentation. I would love to have some experience in financial, corporate, and non-profit public relations, as well as my government and political passion. A big public relations firm or agency would give me the perfect opportunity to do just that.


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