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Bullseye: The American Cancer Society

It is key for organizations to make sure they are targeting their messages to their key publics. Every organization has different publics. Each public requires a different kind of messaging. Let’s take a look at how a major organization, The American Cancer Society, targets its messaging to its key publics:

First off, who are the key publics?

  • Cancer Patients/Survivors
  • Supporters/Donors
  • Family members of cancer patients

How does the ACS target its messaging to these publics on its website?

By separating them. The ACS does a good job at serving multiple audiences in one place. They have a few different tabs on their home page:

By separating their messaging into specific categories, the ACS manages to easily target their messaging to their different key audiences. There are even more sub-categories within each page. It makes it easy for each person, no matter what audience they represent, to find what they are looking for and get the messaging that ACS wants them to see.

Samantha LinnettComment