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Are You Worthy?

You’re a public relations professional. You’re organization has something that it wants covered by news outlets. Writing a press release and compiling what you need to pitch to the media is easy enough, right? But how can you be sure they will bite?

What is going to make your story newsworthy?

Let’s take a look at some major news sources’ top stories:

The New York Times:

The Washington Post:


Fox News:

So what are these stories about? They report on national security issues, health insurance policy, a winter storm pummeling the East coast, and big business. All of the stories above have at least some of the elements below to make them newsworthy.

Elements of Newsworthiness:

  1. Timing. Just happened, happening now, or going to happen soon. A week ago won’t cut it.
  2. Proximity. How close it is to people matters. Something closer has greater importance than something halfway across the world.
  3. Significance. How many people are affected?
  4. Relevance. How does this affect people? Why is it relevant to their lives?
  5. Prominence. Who is involved? People like famous people.
  6. Conflict. We live our lives in stories! People love a conflict, especially one with a resolution.
  7. Human Interest. Appeal to people’s emotions. Help them connect to the story.
  8. Novelty.  Something out-of-the-ordinary catches people by surprise.


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